Convention Time

I am in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, for a convention for Christian school teachers. I am looking forward to our general sessions, as Dr. Sam Horn will be preaching in two of them and Dr. Charles Keen in the other. I have heard recordings of Dr. Horn from the Mid-America Conference on Preaching at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary and Dr. Keen delivered a very God-centered message at a convention several years ago, applying the point of the David and Goliath narrative to show that our motivation for missions should be the glory of God and love for Him. These men represent the best in fundamentalism, and I am grateful for their commitment to the Lord and His Word, and I am very pleased that they have been selected and agreed to address us. May He use them greatly in preaching to us teachers!

In the various workshops, I am planning to attend 3 of Dr. Horn’s, another on music, and will be presenting two myself. I will be talking about the use of the do-re-mi‘s tomorrow and on Friday, I will share lessons for Christian school teachers from Isaiah 6. I would appreciate your prayers for a profitable convention for myself and the others who attend!


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