Resource Page – The King James Only Controversy: Links

The following are resources related to the King James Only Controversy.


I have written an article on this subject, entitled The King James Version Only Debate in Light of “The Translators to the Reader”

Excellent collection of articles touching on a myriad of claims made by various KJV only advocates (ranging from the seemingly plausible to the ridiculous):

At this site, you can find more resources on this issue, including a pamphlet quoting notable church leaders, pastors, and missionaries in regartd to this issue.

Gary E. Gilley has a helpful 2-part series on Bible translations:

Part 1-

Part 2-

More on the issue from James R. White’s ministry:

A number of helpful articles are available from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary’s journal website:

The Preservation of Scripture by William W. Combs

Errors in the King James Version? by William W. Combs

New Age Bible Versions: Review Article by S. E. Schnaiter

Erasmus and the Textus Receptus by William W. Combs

The Preface to the KJV and the KJV Only Position by William W. Combs

The Translators to the Reader: Preface to KJV


Roy E. Beacham and Kevin T. Bauder, eds., One Bible Only?: Examining the Claims for the King James Bible

D. A. Carson, The King James Version Debate: a Plea for Realism

James D. Price, King James Onlyism: a New Sect

Paul D. Wegner, The Journey from Texts to Translations: the Origin and Development of the Bible

James R. White, The King James Only Controversy: Can You Trust the Modern Translations?

James B. Williams and Randolph Shaylor, eds., Form the Mind of God to Mind of Man

James B. Williams and Randolph Shaylor, eds., God’s Word in Our Hands: the Bible Preserved for Us


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