Two Announcements and a Recommendation

1. Due to some new ministry opportunities and responsibilities (teaching hermeneutics in the CAPS program; see here for more info.) and the fact that I am finite, I will probably be posting less frequently on this blog. I will try to post monthly at the least and probably more often, but not quite weekly. From time to time I will share or link to some of the material that I am teaching.

2. Ben Wright announces the opening of registration for the May Weekender at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. I attended in September 2006, and this is still the single best pastoral ministry conference I know anything about – a refreshing, challenging, and instructive experience. I’m sure they have made it even better since I attended. I can’t recommend it enough (for a summary of my experience, see here; for “live-blogging” covereage of a Weekender, see here)! Here’s Ben’s announcement and links to sign up:

So I’m looking forward to seeing a number of friends and meeting friends of friends at the March Weekender at CHBC. I think some of them registered after I posted this link back in January.

Registration for the May Weekender just opened about 43 minutes ago, and it’s already filling up. Hope to see you then.

Here’s a link directly to the registration form.


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