Attention "Local" Readers: 9Marks Workshop

“Local” is in quotes since I am in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, very close to Lake Winnipesaukee.  For those in the area I am from, Southwest Virginia/Northeast Tennessee or any other place in proximity to Chattanooga, I wanted to make sure you knew about a 9Marks workshop coming October 17-18.  Find out more info by clicking here.  The price is VERY reasonable and there are scholarships available for those for whom finances are a problem.

9Marks produces some of the best resources for pastors, church leaders, aspiring pastors/church leaders, and those who want to know what a healthy, Biblical church is.

To hear/download free audio from a similar workshop, click here (the workshop is 6 sessions).

Also, I found this resource today which will also contain similar material (free access to video, free audio downloads):  Mark Dever TableTalk at Shepherds Seminary in Cary, NC

Related links: 

Dever audio interview:  What Is a Healthy Church? & Twelve Challenges Churches Face

my review of the Weekender: “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”

a comprehensive look at the Weekender from an intern's perspective (Noah Braymen)


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