Jesus Christ: Trash or Treasure? (Isaiah 53:1-6)

April 10, 2011

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“Jesus Christ:  Trash or Treasure?”

Behold, the Servant of the Lord:  His Spurning & Substitution

Isaiah 53:1-6

Behold, the Servant of the Lord:

1. The Spurning of the Servant (v. 1-4)

(Truth not understood/received; improper reactions)

Verse Revelation Reaction
1 Report/Arm of Lord revealed Disbelief
2 Tender plant/root, no special beauty obvious Not desired
3 Man of sorrows, acquainted with grief Despised (x2)RejectedFaces hiddenNot esteemed
4 Substitute – grief-bearer & sorrow-carrier Esteemed as stricken, smitten, afflicted
2. The Substitution of the Servant (v. 4-6)

(Corrective: fact, purpose, & reason for His substitution)

Verse Description of Servant’s Role as Substitute
4 Bore our griefs & carried our sorrows
5 Pierced through for ourtransgressionsBruised for ouriniquitiesChastisement for our peace was upon HimBy His stripes we are healed
6 LORD laid on Him the iniquity of all us straying sheep

Beholding these truths should lead to a proper reaction: believe, desire, love, embrace, come to, highly esteem the Servant. Jesus!


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