Three Reasons We Should Trust Jesus Christ as Our Kinsman-Redeemer


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Three Reasons We Should Trust Jesus as Our Kinsman-Redeemer

Ruth (selected texts)

 Redemption:  act of procuring deliverance of persons or things from possession and power of captors by payment of an equivalent; ransom; release (Webster 1828)

Kinsman-Redeemer:  A blood relative who redeems

1. Our Poverty – We need to be redeemed. (1:1, 3-5)


2. His Provision – Jesus is uniquely qualified to redeem (no other way) (2:1,4,12; 3:11-13, 19; 4:9-10):

  • His kinship – born of a woman (Gal. 4:4-5)
  • His character – spotless/sinless (1 Pet 1:18-19)
  • His capability – perfectly fulfilled law; acceptable sacrifice – died as Substitute and rose again (Gal. 3:13-14/Gen. 12:3)
  • His choice – willingness to redeem His Bride (cf. account of Judah’s sons in Genesis 38)

3. His Providence – It is no accident that we have heard of this Redeemer. (1:22; 2:3, 14-16, 20; 4:17)

  • Are you trusting Him, resting under His wings?
  • Are you praising Him? (Rev. 5:9-10)

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