Elementary Principles for Christian Prayer, Part 1 of 2 (Matthew 6:5-8)

June 12, 2011

Click here for sermon audio (6 MB)

Elementary Principles for Christian Prayer (Part 1 of 2)

Matthew 6:5-8

As We Seek to Learn in the School of Prayer, We Must Be Conscious of: 

I. The Presupposition of Christian Prayer

(vv. 5-7) “when you pray…”

II. The Prohibitions for Christian Prayer

     A. Don’t pray like the hypocrites (v. 5) — (praying to be seen/praised by others)

     B. Don’t pray like the heathen (v. 7) —  (using empty repetitions & many words to be heard)

III. The Preparations for Christian Prayer

     A. Retreat to your secret place (v. 6)

1. The procedure

a. “go into your room”

b. “shut your door”

c. “pray to your Father Who is in the secret place”

2. The promise

a. “your Father who sees in secret”

b. “will reward you openly”

B. Remember that God knows your needs before you even ask. (v. 8)


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