Three Lessons Announced at Calvary (Romans 3:21-26)

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Three Lessons Announced at Calvary

Romans 3:21-26 

1. Calvary Announces the Character of God (vv. 21-22, 25-26)

  • God’s righteousness (mentioned 4 times here)
  • But how can a righteous, holy God overlook sin? (Proverbs 17:15)  How can God “forgive sin” and at the same time be said to “by no means clear the guilty”?  (Exodus 34:6-7)
  • 2. Calvary Announces the Condemnation of Sin (vv. 22c-23)
  • Universal need – all have sinned, Jew & Gentile
  • Sin misses the mark of God’s glory, failing to prize and value His worth, importance, grandeur, fame, and supremacy
  • 3. Calvary Announces the Conditions for Salvation (vv. 22, 24-26)
  • Redemption – purchased with a price; bought back
  • Propitiation – a sacrifice to turn away wrath (also used in 1 John 2:2 & 4:10); related to idea of mercy seat in Old Testament
  • Justification – legal and judicial declaration of righteousness – how God sees believers: as not guilty of sin, but as having perfectly obeyed all His requirements
  • Faith – trust in the Person and work of Jesus Christ – relying on Him alone to make us right with God


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