Weekly Recap: 6/14/2014

A look ahead:  Next week’s Monday-Saturday posts will be a bit different, all focusing on the theme of Training Pastors in the Local Church.

Last week’s posts on Gazing at Glory

Psalm 8 – God’s Glory in Creation

Communicating the Gospel in an Athenian Culture

Bill Nye, the Logical Fallacy Guy

Memorizing Scripture – Some Reasons & Tools to Help

Five Things Satan Loves about the Extreme 1611 KJV Only Movement

Why Switching Back to Dumb Phones Was a Smart Move for Us (Part 2 of 2)

Other Blogs/Articles

Practical Tips for Preaching a Funeral

Training Pastors in the Church

Ten Tips to Becoming a More Productive Pastor

When Our Sons Ask for Stones, Let’s Give Them Bread addresses a big issue that most of us will face in one way or another.

Four Modern Versions of the Bible That Are Ruining the Bible – this article is not what you might first think.

Deals (subject to change without notice – these are beyond my control, but current at the time I am writing the post):  

Preach: Theology Meets Practice by Mark Dever & Greg Gilbert – $2.99 (not sure how long this deal is good)

Timothy Witmer’s The Shepherd Leader at Home is only 99 cents for Kindle through June 15. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for husbands/dads.

Taste and See: an Invitation to Read the Bible (FREE for Kindle, not sure how long; sounds like it might be a good intro to Bible study)

Five Thing Every Christian Needs to Grow, by R. C. Sproul, The Poetic Wonder of Isaac Watts is FREE in multiple electronic formats this month, from Ligonier Ministries.


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