Weekly Recap: 6/28/2014

Posts on Gazing at Glory

Psalm 22: Prophecies of Jesus’ Triumphant Death

John 3:16: a Few Reflections

Coach Wooden’s Wisdom: the Difference Between Winning and Success

Prayer, Meditation, and Trials: Luther’s Instructions for Studying Theology as a Biblical Hermeneutical Method by Dr. Robert L. Plummer 

Seeing the Real World: a Review of What Is Biblical Theology? by Dr. James M. Hamilton, Jr.

Resources for Family-Friendly Media Choices

Other Blogs/Articles

The Pastor in the Digital Age: a Forum

The Hateful Practice of Redefinition – sometimes the most hateful thing we can do is be polite and pretend something is what it isn’t.

Are There Gaps in the Genealogies of Genesis?

Deals (subject to change without notice – these are beyond my control, but current at the time I am writing the post):  

Through July 8:  Theologians of the Baptist Tradition by Timothy George ($2.99) (helpful for theological and historical studies)


Training_Pastors_in__Cover_for_KindleTraining Pastors in the Local Church: Five Models of Theological Education (99 cents)


PulpitSupplyHandbookBookCoverPulpit Supply Handbook, 99 cents for Kindle (introductory price) (Paperback is $7.50 plus tax)


Five Thing Every Christian Needs to Grow, by R. C. Sproul, The Poetic Wonder of Isaac Watts is FREE in multiple electronic formats all this month, from Ligonier Ministries.



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