Quiz: Christmas and the Bible

I recently gave this quiz to some folks and the results were… interesting.

How well do you know what the Bible says about the birth of Christ?

1.Name of Mary’s barren cousin:
2.John the Baptist’s father:
3.Visited Jesus at the manger:
4.Brought gold, incense, myhrr:
5.David’s town:
6.Why Jesus was born:
7.Jesus’ 2 natures:
8.Which nature is eternal?
9.Which nature did He take on at a point in time?
10.Which Gospels record specific details about Jesus’ birth
11.Which Gospel records the shepherds?
12.Which Gospel records the wise men/magi?
13.Which Gospel tells about Christ BEFORE He came into the world?
14.How many wise men/magi came to see Jesus?
15.Jesus’ cousin born 6 months before Him:
16.Angel who announced the birth to Mary:
17.Elderly man in the temple waiting for Messiah:
18.Elderly lady who got to see the Christ child:
19.Which Gospel records the star?
20.Who was king of Judea when Jesus was born?
21.What was this king’s actual reaction to the news of one born king of the Jews?
22.Name at least 1 woman in Jesus’ genealogy (other than Mary):
23.Where was Jesus when the wise men/magi came to visit Him (be very specific)?
24.True or False: Dec 25 is recorded in the Bible as the date of Jesus’ birth
25.BONUS: Which Gospel does Linus quote in a Charlie Brown Christmas Special?


\ /

1. Elizabeth
2. Zachariah
3. Shepherds
4. Magi/Wise men
5. Bethlehem
6. to save His people from their sins (or similar answer, to come to die and rise again for sinners, to rescue the lost, etc.)
7. divine and human
8. divine
9. human
10. Matthew and Luke
11. Luke
12. Matthew
13. John
14. At least 2, but it doesn’t give a number (it is plural)
15. John (the Baptist)
16. Gabriel
17. Simeon
18. Anna
19. Matthew
20. Herod (the Great)
21. anger/hatred/jealousy; sought to have Him killed
22. Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba (her that had been the wife of Uriah)
23. in a house in Bethlehem (not a manger)
24. False
25. Luke

How did you do? To familiarize yourself with these facts in 1-24, read Matthew 1-2, Luke 1-2, and John 1.


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