Top Ten Apps for the Bible Classroom & Bible Study

Here are some helpful mobile & computer apps for studying, teaching, & applying the Bible, whether in a Christian school, college, seminary, or Sunday school setting.  I have focused primarily on Android, iOS, and PC programs or web apps, but a few of these may also be available in the Windows store and for the Kindle Fire as well (worth a search if any pique your interest!).

  1. Bible  Android  iOS  Computer  This app has been around a while and has gotten better and better.  You can read and listen to the Bible in multiple translations, choose from many reading plans, write and share your notes on Scripture, create graphics with verses, and utilize their account system to connect with others in a social network (there may be great potential here for discussions for a class, especially through the week).

  2. HCSB Study Bible iOS app  This app stands out because it an excellent digital version of the Holman Christian Standard Study Bible.  It has helpful study resources and is the only study Bible I know that lets you choose the translation you prefer to have with those study notes.  Even though it is an HCSB Bible, it will let you switch out the text, for example, to the ESV or the KJV.

  3. Logos   Android   iOS   Computer  Logos provides many Bible study materials digitally, including some for free.  It’s worth creating an account to check out what they have, and if you already have Logos software from a few years ago (or Libronix), you can connect your account and get all the resources on those CDs digitally.  I remember having to contact the company each time I got a new computer, but their account system now lets you easily access your digital library across multiple computers and mobile devices. 

  4. Glo Bible   iOS   Computer  $35 gives you access to some beautiful maps, 3D tours and other study resources that help augment teaching the Bible.  I especially like giving a tour of the tabernacle with my computer hooked up to an HDTV.

  5. Prayermate   Android   iOS   Prayermate is a great catalyst for prayer.  After a little setup, it is a simple app that  is ready to help guide your prayer plan each day.  Highly customizable, it lets you choose from a variety of Biblical prayers and other prompts and guides.  I am especially glad it includes a way to import the Psalms of the Day approach that Dr. Don Whitney promotes to help Christians pray the Bible.
  6. Scripture Typer  Android   iOS  Computer   An innovative and fun way to memorize Scripture (really!).  The free version may provide enough functionality for most folks, but the paid version may be worth considering, especially when one considers all the spiritual benefits that come from knowing God’s Word well enough to treasure it up in our hearts.
  7. Sermonaudio   Android   iOS   Computer  This site provides access to over 1 million sermons from conservative preachers.  There are many viewpoints represented among these Bible believing pastors and evangelists, but there are many helpful messages if you know who/what you are looking for.  One can easily find a particular preacher if he is there, and one can also search for a message from a particular book or passage.  Chromecast support is a big plus too!
  8. Biblescreen   Android   iOS   Computer   Beautiful still and animated graphics with verses (some with spoken words and music too).   A great backdrop before/after class or in the hall.

  9. BibleArc   Android   iOS   Computer   For the serious student, this is an approach to studying the Bible that really helps you observe the text and see the relationships between the propositions, understanding the flow of the argument, and finding the main point.  This is a discipline well worth learning, and the Bible arcing method helps one slow down and see these connections.  The apps and site are helpful ways to do the arcing/diagramming neatly, and allows the creation and saving of one’s work for a nominal monthly fee.

  10. Grace to You, Truth for Life, Ligonier Ministries  This is a three way toss up – each of these ministries have excellent website and ways to freely or affordably access content such as sermons, conference messages, and teaching series.  They also have apps for iOS & Android developed by Subsplash Consulting, and are very user friendly and have Chromecast support.  (Alternative for Android to access media from many ministries:  Pocket Casts, which supports video casting as well as audio; For iOS, the stock Podcast app.)

I hope you find this list helpful.  What apps have you found that help you better learn or present the Bible to others?


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