Why We Need God’s All-Powerful Search Engine

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Why We Need God’s All-Powerful Search Engine

Psalm 139

  1. God’s Unlimited Personal Involvement in Our Lives

a. God’s Comprehensive Knowledge (1-6)

b. God’s Unbound Presence (7-12)

c. God’s Meticulous Care (13-18)

2. Our Limited Ability to Assess Our Lives

a. Our Challenge from Enemies (19-22)

b. Our Deficient Self-Knowledge (23-24)

c. Our Desire for Guidance (24)


Freedom to Fight from a Position of Victory

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Freedom to Fight from a Position of Victory

 1 Samuel 17

 How David’s victory for God’s people points us forward to a greater Savior’s victory for believers 

  • A dreaded foe that others could not face (Hebrews 2:14-15)
  • An anointed leader from Bethlehem (Matthew 2:5-6; Acts 10:38)
  • sent by father, scorned by brothers (John 7:3-10; Is. 53:1-6)
  • desire for God’s glory (John 12:28)
  • wife & riches to the victor over the enemy (Revelation 5:12-13, 21:9)
  • God delivered enemy into the savior’s hand (Acts 2:24)
  • Enemy struck on the head by the righteous warrior (Genesis 3:15)
  • Enemy slain with his own weapon (Hebrews 2:14-15)
  • The people fight with confidence from victory (1 Corinthians 15:57-58)


Three Reasons We Should Trust Jesus Christ as Our Kinsman-Redeemer


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Three Reasons We Should Trust Jesus as Our Kinsman-Redeemer

Ruth (selected texts)

 Redemption:  act of procuring deliverance of persons or things from possession and power of captors by payment of an equivalent; ransom; release (Webster 1828)

Kinsman-Redeemer:  A blood relative who redeems

1. Our Poverty – We need to be redeemed. (1:1, 3-5)


2. His Provision – Jesus is uniquely qualified to redeem (no other way) (2:1,4,12; 3:11-13, 19; 4:9-10):

  • His kinship – born of a woman (Gal. 4:4-5)
  • His character – spotless/sinless (1 Pet 1:18-19)
  • His capability – perfectly fulfilled law; acceptable sacrifice – died as Substitute and rose again (Gal. 3:13-14/Gen. 12:3)
  • His choice – willingness to redeem His Bride (cf. account of Judah’s sons in Genesis 38)

3. His Providence – It is no accident that we have heard of this Redeemer. (1:22; 2:3, 14-16, 20; 4:17)

  • Are you trusting Him, resting under His wings?
  • Are you praising Him? (Rev. 5:9-10)

One Mother’s Experience of the Surprising Kindness of God (Ruth Overview)

May 8, 2011


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 One Mother’s Experience of the Surprising Kindness of God

Ruth – Book Overview

 God Revealed His Kindness in Surprising Ways:

 1.      provision of sympathy, companionship (through Ruth)

(Background: Judges 21:25)

 2.      provision of food and offspring (through Boaz)

(Gleaning laws: Deuteronomy 24:19-21, Leviticus 19:9-10 & 23:22; Levirite marriage laws: Deuteronomy 25:5-10)

3.      provision of king for the nation (through David)

(Ruth 4:17-22; Psalm 36:7)

4.      provision of Savior for all nations (through Jesus)

(Kinsman-Redeemer: Leviticus 25:25-31, 47-55; blessing to Gentiles:  Genesis 12:3 ; genealogy of Christ:  Matthew 1:1-17, note vss. 5-6)

Behold the Servant of the Lord – 4 Studies in Isaiah 52:13-53:12

Today I finished preaching a series through Isaiah 52:13-53:12, the fourth of the “Servant songs” in Isaiah.  What a glorious prophecy of the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ!  I hope to return to this passage personally, and also hope to preach it again someday.

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Four Studies in Isaiah 52:13-53:13 – “Behold the Servant of the Lord”

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Behold, the Servant of the Lord – Satisfied with His Success (Isaiah 53:10-12)

April 24, 2011

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Behold, the Servant of the Lord – Satisfied with His Success

Isaiah 53:10-12

Behold, the Servant of the Lord:

We have looked at:

  • The Surprising Plan for Him (52:13-15)
  • His Spurning & Substitution (53:1-6)
  • His Silent Submission (53:7-9)
  • Today we see the successful completion of His mission.

1.      Resurrection after Sacrificial Death (v. 10)

(Psalm 22:30; Revelation 1:18)

2.      Justification for His People after Bearing Their Iniquities (v. 11)

(Daniel 9:24; Matthew 20:28; Romans 4:25; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Hebrews 12:2; 1 Peter 2:24)

 3.      Dominion after Giving Himself for Sinners (v. 12)

(Psalm 22:14; Mark 15:28; Luke 22:37; Luke 23:34; Philippians 2:8-11)

Behold the Servant of the Lord – His Silent Submission (Isaiah 53:7-9)

April 17, 2011

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Behold, the Servant of the Lord: His Silent Submission

Isaiah 53:7-9

Behold, the Servant of the Lord:

(identified: Acts 8:32-35)

1.      His Submission Was Voluntary (v. 7).

(Matthew 26:63, 27:12-14; Mark 14:61, 15:5; Luke 23:9; John 19:9; 1Peter 2:23)

2.      His Sentencing Was Vicious (v. 8a).

(in Gospels: Matthew 26-27, Mark 14-15, Luke 22-23, John 18-19)

 Kangaroo court: nighttime trial-witnesses-predetermined verdict, etc.

 3.      His Separation Was Vicarious (v. 8b).

(Daniel 9:26; John 11:49-52;  1 Peter 3:18)

4.      His Sinlessness Was Vindicated (v. 9).

(burial:  Matthew 27:57-60; Mark 15:43-46; Luke 23:50-53; John 19:38-42; 1Corinthians 15:4; sinlessness:  2 Corinthians 5:21; Hebrews 4:15, 7:26;   1 Peter 2:22; 1 John 3:5)

Jesus Christ: Trash or Treasure? (Isaiah 53:1-6)

April 10, 2011

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“Jesus Christ:  Trash or Treasure?”

Behold, the Servant of the Lord:  His Spurning & Substitution

Isaiah 53:1-6

Behold, the Servant of the Lord:

1. The Spurning of the Servant (v. 1-4)

(Truth not understood/received; improper reactions)

Verse Revelation Reaction
1 Report/Arm of Lord revealed Disbelief
2 Tender plant/root, no special beauty obvious Not desired
3 Man of sorrows, acquainted with grief Despised (x2)RejectedFaces hiddenNot esteemed
4 Substitute – grief-bearer & sorrow-carrier Esteemed as stricken, smitten, afflicted
2. The Substitution of the Servant (v. 4-6)

(Corrective: fact, purpose, & reason for His substitution)

Verse Description of Servant’s Role as Substitute
4 Bore our griefs & carried our sorrows
5 Pierced through for ourtransgressionsBruised for ouriniquitiesChastisement for our peace was upon HimBy His stripes we are healed
6 LORD laid on Him the iniquity of all us straying sheep

Beholding these truths should lead to a proper reaction: believe, desire, love, embrace, come to, highly esteem the Servant. Jesus!

Behold, the Servant of the Lord – a Surprising Plan (Isaiah 52:13-15)

April 3, 2011

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Behold, the Servant of the Lord – a Surprising Plan

Isaiah 52:13-15

Behold, the Servant of the Lord:

1. The Person of the Servant (v. 13)

  • “My” Servant
  • Who Is He?  (Jesus)

(Many NT Refs to Is. 52:13-53:12 affirm this:  Mark 15:27-28; Acts 8:29-35; 1 Peter 2:21-25)

2. The Plan for the Servant (v. 13)

3. The Path for the Servant (Suffering) (v. 14)

(see also Isaiah 50:6; Matthew 26:67, 27:26-30)

4. The Promise for the Servant (Success) (v. 15)

Habakkuk Overview (Outline)

Wordle: Habakkuk


Habakkuk’s Message of Hope

I. Take Your Perplexities to God (1:1-2:1)

A. with alarm over unchecked sin (1:1-4) (Our prayers suffer when we are unconcerned.)

1. in our country

2. in our church

3. in our selves

B. with amazement at God’s sovereignty (1:5-11) (Our prayers suffer when we are unimpressed with God.)

C. with awareness of God’s character (1:12-17)  (Our prayers suffer when we are not gripped by God’s character.)

D. with anticipation for God’s answer (2:1)  (Our prayers suffer when we are proud, stubborn, and impatient concerning God’s answer.)

II. Think Upon the Payday of God (2:2-20)

A. Consider the vision God reveals (2:2-3)

1. Its transmission – written and plain

2. Its trustworthiness (cf. Hebrews 10:37-38)

B. Consider the verdict God renders (2:4)

1. On those who trust in themselves

2. On those who trust in God (cf. Romans 1:17, Galatians 3:11, Hebrews 10:38)

C. Consider the vengeance God repays (2:5-20)

1. Description of the wicked (2:5)

2. Declaration against the wicked:  five woes – catalog of wrongs & corresponding retribution (2:6-20)

a. First set of woes

i. Plunder (2:6-8)

ii. Self-exaltation (2:9-11)

iii. Oppression (2:12-14)

b. But God’s glory will cover the earth (2:14)

c. Second set of woes

iv. Exploitation (2:15-17)

v. Idolatry (2:18-20)

d. But God is in His holy temple – let all be silent (2:20)

III. Triumph in the Person of God (3:1-19)

A. Plead with God in supplication (3:1-2)

1. Pray for revival

2. Pray for mercy

B. Praise God for His supremacy (3:3-15)

1. Remember His sovereignty over nature and nations

2. Remember His salvation for His people

C. Pursue God for satisfaction (3:16-19)

1. Recognize that circumstances are not guaranteed

2. Rejoice in the character of God

a. Rejoice in His salvation

b. Rejoice in His strength