Reading the Bible in 2015

It’s a good thing to read the Bible.  It’s a better thing to read it regularly.  It’s even better to read it with some sort of approach that makes sure you get a steady diet of it.  Hence, Bible reading plans.

Whether you would like to read the entire Bible in 2015 or more of the Bible in 2015, today would be a great day to start a reading plan.

A few days ago I decided to start an approach that combines three resources.  Chris Dendy’s plan portions the whole Bible into a year, book by book, and incorporates readings from Dr. Jim Hamilton’s excellent overview of biblical theology, God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgment.   Peter Krol’s plan is to devour the entire Bible early on in the year.  He focuses more on a set of driving motivations rather than a methodology.  Also of note is that Krol wrote Knowable Word, an excellent guide to interpreting the Bible that would also be a great new year’s read, and can itself be swallowed in a couple hours.  I am using the canonical plan at YouVersion to track my progress and to be able to pick up and read on the go if I don’t have a physical Bible handy.

Some other encouragements in journeying through the Bible in 2015:

Bible Reading is an Art by David Mathis

Reading God’s Word: a New Year’s Resolution for the Rebelution by 14 year old Amanda Beguerie

2OT-2NT: The No Checkbox Bible Reading Plan for 2015 by Drew Hunter

Okay, enough reading about the Bible.  Let’s get in there and enjoy learning more from the Author’s own mouth!