Keeping the Faith in a Christian College

Keeping the Faith in a Christian College is free for Kindle from December 22-26!

Click here to go to the ESV edition.  Click here to go to the KJV edition.

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Keeping the Faith in a Christian College is now available!  The book is about 85 pages of reading material and is designed for those who are going to or who have graduated from Christian colleges.  It mainly addresses challenges to the clear teachings of the Bible, the Word of Christ Himself, and equips believers to face these challenges and “keep the faith” in a Christian college, university, or seminary setting.

Click here for a review of the book.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

Christ Defines a “Christian View” of the Bible

Unshakeable Truth for Unstable Times  (or click here for sermon audio or here for video)


Ordering directly:

Single copy ($7 + $3 shipping): Buy Now Button

10 pack ($50, free shipping): Buy Now Button

50 pack ($250, free shipping): Buy Now Button

100 pack ($500, free shipping): Buy Now Button

If you represent a church, school, or other organization and would like to order with a check by mail, click here to download the order form in Word document format.  (Print copies are $7 each, unless ordering 5 or more, then they are $5 each.  Shipping is $3 per book + $1 for each additional book.  Orders of 10 books or more ship free.)

The book can be ordered online in the following formats:


Click here to view it at the Amazon Kindle Store.  The book is free for Amazon Prime members to borrow anytime.  The Kindle book is 99 cents anytime for someone who purchases the print version from Amazon!

A KJV Edition is now available here.

NOTE: You can read Kindle books even if you don’t have a Kindle.   Click here for the official free apps for PC, Android, and iOS devices.


The paperback is at Amazon for $6.75, last time I checked – it is subject to change.  The price does not include shipping, unless you have Amazon Prime and get free shipping.  The print version is part of the Kindle Matchbook program.   When someone buys a print copy, they are eligible to buy the Kindle version for 99 cents!

It is also at CreateSpace for $7.50 (plus shipping).  Here is a code for $2 off during the month of May:  BPKD7VTL  (This code is only good at CreateSpace; enter when you add to the shopping cart on the site).

The print version of the KJV edition is here (enter 5SCY4EDM for $2 off if you order at Createspace instead of Amazon).


The audio book has been recorded but production is not yet complete.  If you are interested in the audio version, please subscribe to the blog, “like” the Facebook page, or bookmark this page for future reference.  When released, the audio book version will be FREE for all who have purchased a print or kindle version of the book in May (you will be able to email me your proof of purchase; details coming later).

Table of Contents

1. What’s in a Name?

2. What Does “Christian” Mean, Anyway?

3. Same Vocabulary, Different Dictionary

4. The Unshakeable Foundation of the Bible (2 Tim. 3-4)

5. Christ Defines a Christian View of the Bible

6. Beware the Scoffers! (2 Peter 3)

7. Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Appendix:  Quick Introduction to Logic

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