Pulpit Supply Handbook

Pulpit Supply Handbook: Answering Twelve Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Supply Preaching – $5.75 Kindle bookpaperback at Createspace for $7.50 + shippingpaperback at Amazon includes deal for 99 cent Kindle version with purchase

DESCRIPTION:  This book addresses some common theological and practical questions faced by supply preachers and pastors.  Chapters include a discussion of the call to preach, training options, how to study and prepare sermons, finding opportunities, pulpit plagiarism, questions to ask a church, reporting income, and staying close to God through the biblical spiritual disciplines.  Readers will also walk through the sermon preparation process with a sample text.  The book includes several detailed lists and charts to help the supply preacher think through and plan for preaching opportunities, as well as recommended resources for further study.

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Chapter 2: How Can I Get Training to Preach? 

Prayer, Meditation, and Trials : Luther’s Instructions for Studying Theology as a Biblical-Hermeneutical Method” by Dr. Rob Plummer

Chapter 3:  How Can I Learn to Study the Bible?

Free Bible study worksheets at knowableword.com/resources

Chapter 4: How Can I Learn and Improve as a Preacher?

Sermon Critique Form (Word .doc) (.pdf file) (adapted from one developed by Pastor D. Scott Meadows)

Chapter 9:  What Questions Should I Ask a Church?

Click for a free download:  (Word document format) (pdf format).

Click here for an explanation of the various elements on the form as well as related questions (or download the explanatory article along with the form in a single 8-page file: Word document or PDF format).

Chapter 11: How Should I Report My Pulpit Supply Income?

More detailed guide to minister’s taxes by Dr. Paul Bufford

Sample Sermon Log (Word Document) (PDF)

Blank Sermon Log (Word Document) (PDF)

Chapter 12: How Can I Stay Close to the God Who Called Me?

How to Pray Scripture


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